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"Marriage Breakthroughs"
Welcome to our marriage ministry page!
Need Marriage Guidance or Pre-Marital Assistance? Register at 
We want you to get the latest tips on marriage relationships and how you can be a better spouse, how to get the most out of your family time, and how to be better in the romance department!  We also will have a drawing every week for those who answer the "Five Questions To A Better Marriage" contest.  If you answer the questions correctly you could be picked to:
1. Spend a (1/2 hour) coaching session on marriage with Apostle Leon & Pastor Maria
2. Movie tickets for two!
3.  3 Days & 2 Night stay in 1 of 5 Vacation Resorts!
        Choice 1 - Massanutten Resort - McGaheysville, VA
      Choice 2 - Vacation Villiage at Weston - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
      Choice 3 - Vacation Villiage in the Berkshires - Hancock, Massachusetts
      Choice 4 - Vacation Village at Parkway - Orlando, Florida
      Choice 5 - Williamsburg Plantation - Williamsburg, VA
Rules:  Individuals are allowed to register two times per month but not in the same week. Only one person per houseshold is allowed to register. Individual must be  married in order to be eligible for the 3 days & 2 nights vacation.  Out of state participants may be eligible for phone conference marriage coaching session.  Contest committee reserves the right to very eligibility of all participants.  Individuals must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age to participate in the "Five Questions To A Better Marriage" contest.  3 Days & 2 Nights stay certificate must be used within 60 days of verification date (request for extension may be granted based on availability).  NEW LIFE HARVEST CHURCH AND ALL STAFF PERSONNEL WILL BE RELEASED FROM ALL LIABLITY BY THE PARTICIPANTS AND WINNERS OF THE CONTEST. NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS WILL BE ALLOWED ON CONTEST ITEMS.  NEW LIFE HARVEST CHURCH AND STAFF RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL CONTEST AT ANY TIME AND WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OF ITEMS RECEIVED BY WINNERS.  NEW LIFE HARVEST CHURCH DOES NOT WARANT OR GRANT ANY INDIVIDUAL SPECIAL PRIVILEGE OR USE OF CONTEST BY THOSE OUTSIDE OF THE NEW LIFE HARVEST ORGANIZATION OR STAFF TO MAKE SOLI CITATIONS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Please complete form and anwer "all" questions in order to be eligible for contest.
NAME (First name, Last name)
ADDRESS (Street, City, State, Zipcode)
Your Email Address
Date of Birth (must be at least 21 years of age)
Are you married?
Phone number where we can contact you if you win.
Are you male or female?
Do you agree to the contest rules?
Please answer the Five Questions to the best of your ability. Best wishes!
What are the (3) most important aspects of staying healthy in a marriage?
Where can a married couple go to get stronger in their marriage relationship? Be specific.
What is your estimate of the rate of divorce in the United States?
How much money is spent on average for a marriage ceremony?
Given the opportunity, what advice would you give a married couple if they ask you how to make up after a disagreement? Give 3 suggestions.
Thanks for participating in our "Five Questions To A Better Marriage" contest. A representative from our staff will contact you if you are picked! God bless.