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Kingdompreneurs Build Huge!

Are You a Huge Builder for the Kingdom of God?
One of the greatest things that a child of God can do is to allow God to use him/her while he or she grows and develops in Christ.  We have come to understand that no one is born successful but must go through the never ending process of being "made".  Our Heavenly Father knows what it takes to get us from "faith" to "faith" and from "glory" to "glory".  There are no mistakes in God, so when you are being made to be successful in Christ, he will begin to download in your spirit things to "do".  Now this is the work by which the bible says that we were created to "do" from the foundation of the world.  As a matter of fact, it's "WORKS" that we have been created to do.  Now that's a lot of work!
We have coined a term call Kingdompreneur - one who allows God through them to provide products and services to people for profit with pleasure while honoring the King (Christ Jesus) as we promote the Kingdom of God.  Now this principle is one of a "marriage" concept where ministry and business come together under the umbrella of the Kingdom of God.  It may seem strange to some Christians who try to separate the secular from the "sacred", but our Lord did not do it and neither should we.  When our Lord ministered, he ministered to the "whole" man, not just parts of him. Man is spirit, soul and body. So in order to deal with man, you must deal with all of him in essence.  As a Kingdompreneur we are focused on understanding how God uses man for His glory in all facets of life: religiously, politically, economically, socially, media, entertainment, & sports.  We are truly human in every way but also divine - this was God's original mandate for mankind, that we be made in His image and likeness.
So, doing anything in God is going to be HUGE! God does not do anything "small".  He made the HEAVENS and the EARTH.... all BIG stuff. Man is no less a part of His big plan along with all the things God has made.  So why do we think so small? Could it be that we may be afraid of what others will think when God begins to download in our spirit His purposes? Who are we trying to please anyway? God or man.  Well if it's HUGE it's GOD, even if it starts "small".  As Kingdompreneur Now! consultants we are teaching individuals, ministers, and entrepreneurs to do it HUGE for the Kingdom of God. 
To find out more about our program visit our site at and join our team.
God bless,
Bishop Leon Benjamin
Kingdompreneur Now! Founder

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